“What comes around” w.i.p

Working on multiple projects at once is quite fun, if you get bored or just need a break you can go to another piece and work on that one for a change.

So here’s what I also started last week along the “Money rat”

I acquired a pile of used and broken airsoft guns for a couple of projects last year, long before I started the actual work on these.

This sculpture is going to have guns, a lot of guns.

I started out by filling, filing and sanding the mold lines and covering some of the engraved texts of the guns.

IMG_7395 copy

I made a test paint on one of the guns, since these are going to be painted eventually.

IMG_7356 copy

One part that I am going to be sculpting is a hand holding a gun so I took a lot of picture, like this one.

IMG_7375 copy

6 of these guns are going to be on this round base. I have marked up the lines and next week it’s time to drill them to place and start the actual sculpting.

IMG_7470 copy

Nothing “amazing” has happened with this piece and this will be the case for some time. I did drill the guns to place and added some wire to get a feel how the smoke could flow. I also started to sculpt the hand that holds one of the guns.

IMG_7476 copy IMG_7478 copy

The hand that holds the gun is taking form.

IMG_7653 IMG_7654


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