Splash! Bang!

This piece is running under the name Splash! Bang! for now.I will show the process with the pictures below.The process is a bit slow since I have to give the paint some time to dry before adding more.I should be finished with this one next week.

To the pictures.

First I needed a canvas. Made myself a not so traditional one.

Setting up

Needed some help with the linen, A big thanks to Paavo for the help.


After that I drew some lines for the gun.


Checked how it fits.


I taped the lines of the gun and got my paints ready.

Taped and ready

Taped and ready

This is the fun part, Painting.

Doing it!

Doing it!

And below it is after a day of painting.

Day 1 behind

Day 1 behind

This piece has been finished for a while, but I did find a couple of shots I took when I was at the finishing stages.

This is how it looked after I had the actual painting part done.


Then I had to carefully pull off all the tape.


Here’s the ball I took off.


And then it was time to hang it on the wall.


And for a moment I felt really happy with it, a brief moment before I had my mind elsewhere and moved on to the next piece.

There is always the next piece. Usually it’s already banging in the head while making another.


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