I have a couple of days before I can start the things I have been planning, got to do something.

After I did some work with paper on the “space flowers” I decided to go bigger and get more paper, A lot more paper.

I started out with some Finfoam…

Done my shopping again

Done my shopping again

then I got to work and soon I had this

The start of something

The start of something

That is the base. At this point I had very little idea about the next stage which…

Pieces are going together

Pieces are going together

was pretty easy, just putting peaces together one by one.

You can almost see the wings

You can almost see the wings

After I had the bottom wired I tried to imagine the wings.

End of the day

End of the day

When I got the wings in my head and the day was over I had this. I am very anxious to go back tomorrow and do more, more, more.

Over the month the big bird has been slowly building up.

First I had to figure out the wing size and shape.

IMG_5320 copy

After I had it figured I made the frames for the wings.


Added some more support.


And then covered the whole thing with paper.


Then I got my hands on the head.


After the head was done I mounted it in place.


And began the work on the base.


And this is the stage right now.

IMG_5707 copy

The next step will take a lot of time. I am going to cover the whole thing with paper. Feathers, lots of feathers and ash on the base.

After a huge amount of work I will eventually get to paint it and make it look hot.


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