“Money rat” w.i.p

Last week I started a sculpture, a miniature one.

For now I am calling this piece the “Money rat” and I am pretty sure that when it is finished it will be pretty obvious why.

Now how did I get started?? With a wireframe armature from 3mm wire, that I then bulked up with some foilpaper.

I got this.

IMG_7450 copy

After I had this part done I started to block out shapes and forms from supersculpey. Eventually it will look like a human, but it will take some time to get there. Here’s how it looks right now.

IMG_7456 copy

And after some progress, I have the lower part of the body almost done. The grey color is because I changed from supersculpey to a different compound called magic sculp. The reason why I made this change is that the Magic sculp is much more easier to carve and sand, things I will be doing a lot to make everything nice and smooth. I still have to do the toes, but toes and fingers are the last things I am going to sculpt. After those finishing steps it’s still a lot of smoothing and filling left before I can get it ready for painting.

It is  9th of February and here are  the pics of today.

IMG_7636 copy IMG_7639 copy

Sculpting, sculpting, sculpting…

I started the back the belly and the arms, I just go and ad a little bit of putty at time, trying to get the shapes and all the little things in place. Sometimes I need to carve some off here and there and sand and smooth the surface. It would almost be boring if it wasn’t so fun. The thing is that I am trying to get it just right and it really is just going back and forth till I am satisfied.



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