Signed and finished!

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A pic with a signature and without the pray cans.



Sgt.Peppers lonely hearts club band

art, Beatles, Portrait, Rock

Finished this a while ago.

It took 9 painting sessions with acrylic paints to get this done, and the feeling on the Sunday when I but my signature on it was great.

Most importantly the owner of this piece was very pleased with the outcome.

“All you need is love” painted on a 147cm x 297cm concrete pillar with acrylics.


A very public piece.

art, Painting, Portrait

I was commissioned a while ago to do a painting on a pillar at a local pub called 60’s palaver. The pub has a 60’s theme and they wanted something that would fit the place, I had a few ideas immediately but the one I have a picture of was the best.

I am painting a pillar inside the restaurant and I am doing this while the bar is open. This means that the painting process can be seen by anyone who is there to enjoy a drink or a few. Every Thursday from now on I am gathering my equipment and heading of to do a session of painting, and every Thursday people can see more progress that will eventually lead to a finished piece that fits the 60’s themed really nicely.

Here’s the sketch I did on a smaller scale.

And here’s what I got done after 6 hours last Thursday.

Happiness is a warm gun

art, Oil painting, Painting, self-portrait

 These I painted on spring, my first two oil paintings.

It was a really pleasant experience to paint with oils and I am really looking forward to start the next ones.

I had a limited time to work on these, so there are a couple things I would like to go back to and “polish”.

The guns on these paintings are symbols. I am not going to explain what they symbolise, because I think it’s much more fun to figure out and think about it yourself. I would actually like to hear what you come up with so feel free to comment.

Happiness is a warm gun ” self-portrait” 2014, oil on linen, 90 x 60cm

Happines is a warm gun valmis

Fruity 2014, oil on wood, 48 x 60 cm