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Painted this sunset yesterday.

The weather was good, the sun was shining and everything with this went really well. I was actually a bit surprised about how smoothly it came together.

It was also very nice that a lot of people who happened to walk by stopped to tell me that they really liked the colorful piece of art instead of the dull switchboard. Some even wanted to take pictures and asked if I will be doing more.

I still need to go out and take a few pics, but here are some unedited.

I did clean it up before I started painting. Then it was just a blast and there’s not much pics of the process. One curious guy almost ran his wheels in the tree while checking out my tools ­čśë

_DSC0008 _DSC0013 _DSC0025 _DSC0031

Can’t wait┬áto paint the next one.


2 sessions of painting.

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After 2 sessions with the pillar at the local pub I have this much done.

it has been fun painting while people around are having a laugh and enjoying a couple beverages. I myself have been drinking soda, not because I can’t have a few while I am painting but because I have to get up on a ladder to paint and I really want to keep my balance at it’s best.

That said I did enjoy a couple after I finished up last time.


If you are planning a trip to Joensuu Finland, live here or just happen to stop by check out the place 60’s Palaver.

A very public piece.

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I was commissioned a while ago to do a painting on a pillar at a┬álocal pub called 60’s palaver. The pub has a 60’s theme and they wanted something that would fit the place, I had a few ideas immediately but the one I have a picture of was the best.

I am painting a pillar inside the restaurant and I am doing this while the bar is open. This means that the painting process can be seen by anyone who is there to enjoy a drink or a few. Every Thursday from now on I am gathering my equipment and heading of to do a session of painting, and every Thursday people can see more progress that will eventually lead to a finished piece that fits the 60’s themed really nicely.

Here’s the sketch I did on a smaller scale.

And here’s what I got done after 6 hours last Thursday.

Happiness is a warm gun

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 These I painted on spring, my first two oil paintings.

It was a really pleasant experience to paint with oils and I am really looking forward to start the next ones.

I had a limited time to work on these, so there are a couple things I would like to go back to and “polish”.

The guns on these paintings are symbols. I am not going to explain what they symbolise, because I think it’s much more fun to figure out and think about it yourself. I would actually like to hear what you come up with so feel free to comment.

Happiness is a warm gun ” self-portrait” 2014, oil on linen, 90 x 60cm

Happines is a warm gun valmis

Fruity 2014, oil on wood, 48 x 60 cm