The face of the rat

art, Miniature, Sculpture

The last stage of the figure sculpting.

Getting just the right expression on his face is pretty hard and requires a lot of back and forth. The work is mostly adding a little sculpey here and carving some of there till I am satisfied with the shapes.

I haven┬┤started the years yet, but they will find find their places after all the other stuff is finished.

After this it’s just filling some gaps and sanding and smoothing the whole figure for painting.

Naama The desk


Sculpting detail

art, Miniature, Sculpture

Thought I’d share a few pics from the details on the figure.

First the hand, sculpting these fingers less than 2mm thick was fun, did the nails also.


And here are the bottoms of the feet. Tried my best to get some of the wrinkles on there too. You can see some of the 1mm copper wire in the toes.