Galleria Puhakka

art, exhibition, Gallery

I opened an art gallery, it’s a pop up that will be open till the end of june.

At the time there are works of 8 different artist on display.

A bit more on this when I have the time to update.



Rocking it!

art, exhibition, Rock, woodblock print

Rocking it! On tour.

These paintings have been touring around the town for a while now. I found a place for them for the rest of the year, partially because I have so much other stuff to do and to focus on that I don’t want to be moving them around all the time.

This is the space they are displayed at right now.


I also made a little poster to tour with the paintings.


For a sneak peak of what I am spending my time with now I’ll post this.


I will try to get more in to this piece and the process behind it when I have the time.

Now I am of to work.

Have fun!