Who am I?

Who am I?

That is a question that’s hard to answer, and if I could the answer would probably be very long and boring. So …

That is why I will explain what I’m about and what this blog is about.

I can reveal that I am called Janne Puhakka and I’m a 31 year old man from Finland who loves art. Most of all I love making it and sometimes I feel that I just can’t stop. I really enjoy what I do so much that I even forget to sleep sometimes. When I do take a break I will do my best and try to update this blog and show the ideas, toughts and process I go trough when working on a piece of art.

Now the process behind a piece is not something I am used to discuss about. When I get an idea It’s like a flash, it just hits me and I just get in to it, It’s pretty straight forward after that. I have the idea and then I begin pondering how I will execute it. I might play around with it for a while and refine it a bit, but not too much, because I think too much tought might kill it. I just want to get my hands “dirty” and get it done.

So when you will see a new post, art or something totally else, I have been crazybusy and crazy and busy. Probably I am already doing something new and I had to take the time to post the thing/things I have done between works.

And now that you are reading this I am probably already thinking about the next piece, doing it or being busy being me. There’s always an idea behind the door and when it starts banging It’s time to get to work so you can make it real.

That’s what it’s about, I work hard and I love to work, and when I do it does not feel like work. So one thing is for sure, something is up, always!

Check back soon!

Have fun,

I will shoot!



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