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Painted this sunset yesterday.

The weather was good, the sun was shining and everything with this went really well. I was actually a bit surprised about how smoothly it came together.

It was also very nice that a lot of people who happened to walk by stopped to tell me that they really liked the colorful piece of art instead of the dull switchboard. Some even wanted to take pictures and asked if I will be doing more.

I still need to go out and take a few pics, but here are some unedited.

I did clean it up before I started painting. Then it was just a blast and there’s not much pics of the process. One curious guy almost ran his wheels in the tree while checking out my tools 😉

_DSC0008 _DSC0013 _DSC0025 _DSC0031

Can’t wait to paint the next one.


2 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Hey I’m Tsewang from Nepal. Looks like we have common interest. I love silhouette painting and undoubtedly that’s a incredible pice of work you’ve created… Check out my blog. I’ve some silhouette painting.


  2. Thanks!

    I chose to do a silhouette because I wanted the colors to be the focus on here, and this way I also got the scenery to PoP!
    I also had a limited time to work on this one, so I tried to get the best result I could in the time frame.
    Now I am looking for bigger “canvases” for my next spray paint pieces.

    Keep painting and have fun,


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