2 sessions of painting.

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After 2 sessions with the pillar at the local pub I have this much done.

it has been fun painting while people around are having a laugh and enjoying a couple beverages. I myself have been drinking soda, not because I can’t have a few while I am painting but because I have to get up on a ladder to paint and I really want to keep my balance at it’s best.

That said I did enjoy a couple after I finished up last time.


If you are planning a trip to Joensuu Finland, live here or just happen to stop by check out the place 60’s Palaver.


A very public piece.

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I was commissioned a while ago to do a painting on a pillar at a┬álocal pub called 60’s palaver. The pub has a 60’s theme and they wanted something that would fit the place, I had a few ideas immediately but the one I have a picture of was the best.

I am painting a pillar inside the restaurant and I am doing this while the bar is open. This means that the painting process can be seen by anyone who is there to enjoy a drink or a few. Every Thursday from now on I am gathering my equipment and heading of to do a session of painting, and every Thursday people can see more progress that will eventually lead to a finished piece that fits the 60’s themed really nicely.

Here’s the sketch I did on a smaller scale.

And here’s what I got done after 6 hours last Thursday.

The face of the rat

art, Miniature, Sculpture

The last stage of the figure sculpting.

Getting just the right expression on his face is pretty hard and requires a lot of back and forth. The work is mostly adding a little sculpey here and carving some of there till I am satisfied with the shapes.

I haven┬┤started the years yet, but they will find find their places after all the other stuff is finished.

After this it’s just filling some gaps and sanding and smoothing the whole figure for painting.

Naama The desk