art, Sculpture

Lately among other things I have been sculpting.

I started out this miniature human that is going to be a part of a bigger piece. The process is really slow since I am really trying to make it look realistic. When the sculpting part is done I am going to take out my oil paints and try something I have not done before. I know that if I get the painting right it will look really freaky, and freaky is what I am going for. This is also a personal challenge that I set up for myself. I think when you set goals that sometimes seem almost impossible, and challenge yourself is when you improve.

I can say that I already feel my improved super sculpting skills, mu ha ha HA!

Here’s what will be the “Money rat”

Money rat

I am also working on a another piece along this one. This one will have guns, 7 guns to be exact. the other six guns make up the core of the sculpture. I can’t really say why I somehow started using guns in my imagery, but the meaning of the gun/guns is constantly growing and getting more complex in my mind. It can be whatever I want, and It can be whatever else to others.


I guess I can say that I like guns??

Here are the work in progress pages for these two pieces, mostly pictures from various stages of work as I go along.


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