Sculpting detail

art, Miniature, Sculpture

Thought I’d share a few pics from the details on the figure.

First the hand, sculpting these fingers less than 2mm thick was fun, did the nails also.


And here are the bottoms of the feet. Tried my best to get some of the wrinkles on there too. You can see some of the 1mm copper wire in the toes.




art, Sculpture

Lately among other things I have been sculpting.

I started out this miniature human that is going to be a part of a bigger piece. The process is really slow since I am really trying to make it look realistic. When the sculpting part is done I am going to take out my oil paints and try something I have not done before. I know that if I get the painting right it will look really freaky, and freaky is what I am going for. This is also a personal challenge that I set up for myself. I think when you set goals that sometimes seem almost impossible, and challenge yourself is when you improve.

I can say that I already feel my improved super sculpting skills, mu ha ha HA!

Here’s what will be the “Money rat”

Money rat

I am also working on a another piece along this one. This one will have guns, 7 guns to be exact. the other six guns make up the core of the sculpture. I can’t really say why I somehow started using guns in my imagery, but the meaning of the gun/guns is constantly growing and getting more complex in my mind. It can be whatever I want, and It can be whatever else to others.


I guess I can say that I like guns??

Here are the work in progress pages for these two pieces, mostly pictures from various stages of work as I go along.