Tools for custom tools

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Before I get in to the tools I will show what I did with the tools.

I made this little bust 3 inches tall during the holidays. I found it really relaxing and I just sculpted a little every day for a week. It was also good practice and I did learn many things while making this.

Here’s the finished model.

Banker bus sculpeyt

And here it is after a basecoat of light grey.

Banker bust

I made this model from supersculpey, it is a modelling paste that you can harden in the oven by baking it for a while. The first thing I needed to do is to get the sculpey softer, as it is pretty hard to sculpt with straight from the package.

I needed a tool to do this and I did this little oven for my table, It’s just a box covered with foil. It works when I chop my sculpey into smaller pieces throw them in the box and put my lamp directly above it, close to the sculpey. This will get it nice and soft and soon it will be ready to sculpt with.


Heating up the sculpey


The compounds I mainly use when working on small sculptures.

After I had sculpted the basic shapes and I was about to go to the details, I noticed that I need more sculpting tools. I knew what kind of tools I wanted and I did check the internet for some tools, but I did not the tools that I wanted. So I decided that I would try to make some of my own.

I took a set of pliers, a used guitar string, old brush, small drill and some superglue.

I had everything that I needed to make a couple of tools. First I cut of the bristless of an odl brush and then I drilled into the top and got the rest off. After that I took some guitar wire and bend it around the brush. After I had a good loop i just cut the exes of the wire off, dropped some super glue to the hole of the brush and stuck the wire in.

I had a good working custom tool that I could not find anywhere, I also did a couple more while I was at it, one with a ball that I made from a pin, and this whisker thing for scraping the surface again using some used guitar strings.

Tools for tools

The tools to make tools.

Custom tools

first on the left a tool made from a old brush and a piece of bent paperclip, next is one with guitar string, third is one from a pin, fourth has 3 long pieces of guitar string, and the one on the right is made form the end of a pin.

Here’s 5 off the little tools I did lined up. I can say that these are very easy and cheap tools to make, and if you are into miniature sculpting or sculpting in any way this is something you might want to try out. because what is more cooler than making things with tools you made yourself.


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