happy new year!

art, woodblock print

2014 is behind us and it is time for a new year and some new tricks.

During the last few months of 2014 I focused on woodblock prints. I had never carved a block before so It was a real pleasure to learn something new and get a good start at making prints.

I do have some ideas for the future with woodblocks, and I will definately go bigger when I have the time to start some serious carving.

Here’s a couple of photos from my workspace. The blocks for the coloured once still need some carving.

Birds of paradise woodblock prints

Here’s a couple of pics from the “printshop”

20141007_135258 20141010_105720

I did frame one trialproof and gave it away for a christmas present, the piece is called “rain on me” and I did make two series of 5 from it. I am very happy to say that the person who received this print was really pleasantly surprised.

rain on me framed

The next post is going to be about sculpting and I will also show some tools I made for myself.

Have fun,


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