Happiness is a warm gun

art, Oil painting, Painting, self-portrait

 These I painted on spring, my first two oil paintings.

It was a really pleasant experience to paint with oils and I am really looking forward to start the next ones.

I had a limited time to work on these, so there are a couple things I would like to go back to and “polish”.

The guns on these paintings are symbols. I am not going to explain what they symbolise, because I think it’s much more fun to figure out and think about it yourself. I would actually like to hear what you come up with so feel free to comment.

Happiness is a warm gun ” self-portrait” 2014, oil on linen, 90 x 60cm

Happines is a warm gun valmis

Fruity 2014, oil on wood, 48 x 60 cm



Splash! Kaboom!

art, Painting, Splash!

I had a different idea for this canvas originally, but to go wiht the gun I decided to make a grenade.

Splash! Kaboom! acrylics on linen, 174 x 187 cm

Let the pictures do the talking.

Splash! Kaboom! big


Gods of rock

Mixed media, Rock

It has been a while since the last post or update, that means that I have been working like crazy.

I did finish this set of five rock legends, For now the set is called Gods of rock.

The pieces are done with spray paints and markers on paper. Dimensions are 102 x 124 cm. The framing has been done by me and my friend and I instead of glass I desided to get some plexiglass.

The pictures are moving around the town and next they are going to be displayed at the public library of Joensuu.

Here’s a couple of pictures of them from a small exhibiton.

20140827_204626 20140827_204736