Rock is dead!?

Drawing, Mixed media, Rock, Splash!

Rock ain’t dead, but these guys are.

We have Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Elvis. I have Johnny Cash left and it is a set of five.

After I have these five done I will probably come up with the next five.

125,5 x 100 cm, mixed media on paper.



Working harder


I have not been updating, but I have been working.

I have been working on many different things and now it’s time to show what I have been up to.

Let the pictures do the talking and lets start with the…

…bird below.

IMG_5606 copy

Got myself some work clothes.

IMG_5500 copy

Did some painting.

IMG_5482 copy

Some mixed media.

IMG_5603 copy

More mixed, seen unfinished below.

IMG_5480 copy

Cleaned up for a few days.

IMG_5628 copy

Worked on my sculpture.

IMG_5637 copy

And did some drawing.

IMG_5630 copy

That’s it, for now.

Less blogging = more work done!! , and I like to get things done.