Going Viral!


With a couple of tought’s and an image I am going to make this “blog” public.

Now why did I make this blog and why it is called Splash Snap Pop??

I made this blog because I had to, this blog is a part of the work I am doing for my upcoming exhibition. I did write a little bit about myself and about this blog on the page “who am I?” and not getting in to it too deep it shoud explain what I am doing with this blog.

Why Splash?? I tought about the name for this blog for a few days, then it came to me. When I get an idea it’s like a “splash” it’s a brief moment and it hits me. After I get to work with the idea the time somehow just goes by so suddenly that when I am done and finished with a piece the time put in to it feels like a “Splash”. I just get in to it, I do what I do best and there’s no time.

Why Snap?? Because a part of this process is taking pictures and documenting what I do. Might also have something to do with the fact that I am trying to make something that sometimes (even for me) feels impossible.

Why Pop?? The result for all of the above is art! When I finish something it will “pop” here.

…That is how much the name has opened to me for now. This all will surely evolve and by the time I am done and the exhibiton is up Splash! Snap! Pop! might have a whole new meaning.

But right now I am so busy that I will not get more in to it, I will just leave you with this piece named Sun queen.

Have some sun, have some energy.

Yours, Janne

Sun queen 450


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