Signed and finished!

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A pic with a signature and without the pray cans.




art, Painting, Spray paint, Street art

Painted this sunset yesterday.

The weather was good, the sun was shining and everything with this went really well. I was actually a bit surprised about how smoothly it came together.

It was also very nice that a lot of people who happened to walk by stopped to tell me that they really liked the colorful piece of art instead of the dull switchboard. Some even wanted to take pictures and asked if I will be doing more.

I still need to go out and take a few pics, but here are some unedited.

I did clean it up before I started painting. Then it was just a blast and there’s not much pics of the process. One curious guy almost ran his wheels in the tree while checking out my tools 😉

_DSC0008 _DSC0013 _DSC0025 _DSC0031

Can’t wait to paint the next one.

Ready for some street art

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The city I live in has been catching up on the idea of street art cheering up the oh so gray and sometimes dull cityscape.

Now this is something that has been going in the towns of Finland, but the progress is a bit slow. Luckily there are some open minded people like our cityboss Jouni TöyrylÀ who makes things like electric switchboards look much nicer by commissioning young artist to paint them. I have seen these switchboards painted in Helsinki, Tampere, JyvÀskylÀ and in many towns in Finland and I would like to see more. Maybe one day the city centers will have them all look good.

Now I am going to add to the collection next week. I had to go with a theme, but it was a good one that I liked and I am going to do my best with it. The most important thing is color, bright and vibrant, that is what I am going for.

I already got the paints and now I just need to refine the concept for monday.


With these I should be able to get something like this, the only thing is that all the bright reds were out when I ordered so I will have to see if I can do without.


Sgt.Peppers lonely hearts club band

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Finished this a while ago.

It took 9 painting sessions with acrylic paints to get this done, and the feeling on the Sunday when I but my signature on it was great.

Most importantly the owner of this piece was very pleased with the outcome.

“All you need is love” painted on a 147cm x 297cm concrete pillar with acrylics.